Project collaborations

High Stakes – med livet som insats

The project is financed by the Swedish Inheritance Fund (Arvsfonden) and is aimed at a young target group, 16-24, to increase awareness of the problems behind gambling addiction and its consequences. The reason that the target audience is as young as 16-18 year olds, even though they do not really have a legal right to play, is because existing measures do not reflect the reality in which minors suffering from gambling addiction.

The project operates in several purposes; preventive, informative but also with the support of those who are already established or about to enter a gambling addiction. As with all addictions, there is often a lot of negative consequences for the player himself but also for people in his environment. For those with already established a gambling addiction it can have consequences such as mental and physical disorder, anxiety and depression and the use of alcohol or drugs as a substitute or supplement. We can also see problems concerning crime and crime to fund gambling or the debts that it has incurred. Unfavorable loans as SMS loans and fast loans easily lead to payment defaults and economic vulnerability. These issues tend to affect the gambler’s whole environment as family, friends and work / study suffers.

In the physical activity part the project in Malmö area operates through motivational interviewing and cognitive behavioral therapy as well as theme nights, lectures and conferences. A national campaign will be launched online with the aid of a specially designed app for High Stakes, as well as a variety of other measures such as chat support line, hotline, SMS-help and self-help programs. Within the project framework Flamman collaborates with e.g. Spiritus Mundu, Games Addict Association (Malmo), Kriminalvården and Casino Cosmopol (Malmö).

Are you interested in more information about the project? Do you think that you or someone in your vicinity may need some of our actions? Please contact Flamman and they’ll tell you more.

Youth Moot

Racism, xenophobia and extremist ideologies are on the rise in Europe.

Several recent racially motivated hate crimes combined with at places hostile welcoming of the refugee influx has showed that Europe is not that
ready for the multiculturalism as it thought it would be.

A 3-day-long programme will be organized in Rum, Jordan inviting 22 socially active youth/youth
leaders from Jordan, Italy, and Sweden to discuss the root causes leading to racism, xenophobia and extremist ideologies and come up with
suggestions to prevent and address those. An intensive program will be offered.