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Culture diplomacy in practice

Culture diplomacy in practice

Spiritus Mundi develop new meeting grounds for people with different background and social conditions, people from different parts of a city, a country or the world. Music, art, writing and a variety of creative expressions is what we often use to bring people together. Together we write songs, manuscripts, and stage productions.

We inspire people to be creative together helping them express opinions and feelings. We involve project participants in a larger context - a Musical, a live performance, a community - where they learn to take responsibility and grow as individuals. They learn to take advantage of their rights and to express themselves creatively.

We do it to create dialogue and participation. Our projects help remove stereotypes, diminish prejudices and opens up for mutual understanding. Participation increases self-esteem of each individual. We do it for capacity building supporting democratic values while having a lot of fun at the same time.


We create meeting grounds for intercultural dialogue supporting awareness and understanding of different identities and cultures.


We develop new models for how to work in practical terms with intercultural dialogue. Models that also can be used in other cities and countries.


Long-term and culture bridging processes are created in collaboration with teachers, students and parents - both locally, regionally. nationally and internationally.


We bring culture, education and business closer together and we act as advisors in cultural diplomacy.