Words from the founder


To lay the first bricks to Spiritus Mundi from the ground has been an incredible journey that had not been possible without all the  support we have gained on the way from so many different people and places. Today we are many to share the vision and to help it grow.

To run an NGO is a challenge. We never take anything for granted in our survival or in our development. It takes patience, cost-effectiveness and voluntary efforts to be able to act in this field. There has not been many days of rest in the creation of what we are today, but there is comfort in seeing the effects of the many projects and successful meeting grounds we have been a part of creating.

The meeting grounds we create internationally fill a void in that they, as western initiatives, can contribute to internal dialogue and processes of change where we act. Examples of this are intercultural awareness, new thinking in education and promotion of children and youth’s creativity and rights. Our projects also bring processes of positive change  where we act in Sweden. We are never the agents of change, it is the participants in the projects and on our social media platforms that make a difference.

Intercultural dialogue shouldn’t only be something only between countries as Sweden and Denmark or other democracies and “like-minded.” There is value in intercultural dialogue between countries with great fundamental differences. Is it not more important to create meeting grounds between those who don’t think or live the same way? Dialogue is not to agree with one another, it is being a part of change. It is better to loosen knots than to tighten them.

It’s the children, the youths, the people – those who have been involved in the projects – that are living examples of being a part of creating a better world with curiosity for one another, understanding and tolerance, instead of the opposite. Children and youths we have met on the journey hold  the answers and we listen to them carefully. Spiritus Mundi is a tool in the creation of these meeting grounds no matter where they happen to be born.

We are often told that what is so unique about Spiritus Mundi is that the projects and the meeting grounds we create nationally reflect our international work.

We see this for instance in our coming work in the project Våra Liv in which will bring our many years experience of working in Jordan.

There are a number of good examples of successful meeting grounds we have been a part of in Malmö since 2004.  To initiate projects like ours are, in general, steady and important steps for positive social development and sustainability.

We hope you enjoy our new site!

About Henrik Melius

For as long as I can remember I have been curious about other cultures, not least the middle east. My father, Ivan Melius, inspired my brother and me to travel early, he also helped us both to be curious about what we didn’t understand rather than fearful of the unknown. He helped us want to gain experiences in a wider perspective. My father was a lector in methodology at Lund University and spent the most part of his working-life educating teachers. My mother was a pedagogue as well and loved her work with the younger children. Both of my parents gave me a good foundation in wanting to work supporting childrens and human rights. It is often I meet people in the streets in Malmö who tell me how much dad meant to them. It makes me proud and thankful to hear how his work and commitment to education lives on.

During my childhood we spent several years in Yorkshire, North-East England where my brother and I grew up using the English language at the same time as Swedish.

I have traveled extensively and lived in several different countries. I went to high school in USA, worked as a professional musician in Germany and Austria and worked as a manager for a pop group in England.

In the 90’s I moved back to USA, where I stayed for about ten years. During my time there I studied at UCLA, worked at a marketing research company and started a business that, among other things, ran a recording studio and arranged music events. I also worked as a yoga/physical instructor and life-coach at a spa.

When i moved back to Sweden I started work as a producer and songwriter that led to among others things success on American radio with my song “The Forgiven World”.

Our most important asset are children and youth. They show the way to the future and help us adults see similarities instead of differences.

The journey of Spiritus Mundi has just begun and there is so much more to discover.