Are You With Us?


For teenagers around the world, their formative years are tumultuous, filled with new experiences, intense emotions, and dreams about the immediate future. Using a combination of their own writings and music, Are You With Us? took sixty students from across Denmark, Norway and Sweden and discussed what it is to be content with your life as you grow up in Scandinavia.

If you were born here in Scandinavia, is it easy to make friends with those who were not? What if your parents are immigrants and you have to balance yourself between two cultures? How do you remain happy if you were born somewhere else, and left your family and culture behind to start a new life in a “free” Scandinavian country? Are You With Us? presented a music-filled vision of multicultural Scandinavia in an sincere and unique way.

Are You With Us? was presented by Spiritus Mundi (SE) in partnership with Cultures (DK) and Drammen Kommune – Interkultur (NO).

Are You With Us? was financed by:

  • EU – Youth in Action
  • Kulturkontakt Nord
  • Jane och Dan Olssons Stiftelse
  • Nordisk Kulturfond
  • Copenhagen municipality