Change the World (Min By Min Framtid)


Min By Min Framtid – Change the World is a Scandinavian cooperative project between the three organisations Spiritus Mundi (Malmö, Sweden), RessourceCenter ydre Nørrebro (Copenhagen, Denmark) and Drammen Kommune, Interkultur (Drammen, Norway).

During August–October 2011, 60 youths, ages 15-20, with different cultural and social background, will go through three parallel, intercultural workshop processes in Copenhagen, Malmö and Drammen. In each big city region approximately 20 youths, who are recruited in cooperation with local organisations, education institutions and players that secure the diversity of identities and backgrounds, participate. To each group two specially recruited pedagogues from the region will be tied.

The final goal of the project is a six day workshop in Drammen on October 17-22, 2011, when all 60 youths gather for joint creativity and identity based exercises. The workshop days in Drammen will be concluded by a concert coinciding with the Drammen 200 years celebration.

The purpose of the programme is to let the participating youths explore their role in the society and the city that they live in and to build a permanent platform for intercultural exchange between young people in the three big city regions.

Min By Min Framtid – Change the World is a continuation of the project Are You With Us?, which was carried out in autumn 2010.





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