Hayâtuna Cairo & Amman


Hayâtuna Cairo & Amman is carried out in Egypt and Jordan in 2012-2013. The purpose of the project is to increase the availability of cultural and artistic activities for underprivileged groups. This to contribute to individual development and to increase social participation.

A team of pedagogues from Sweden, Jordan and Egypt lead the project activities. A big performance show in respective city, where the results of the work will be put on display, will be shown on national stages as grand finales.

Hayâtuna Cairo & Amman targets children, youth and young women from marginalized areas and groups. In total, 200 children from orphanages and socially disadvantaged areas will participate in a series of workshops over a span of two years.

The project also targets professionals and students/volunteers from the public sector, the music/creative sector, medicine & health and IT & new media. In total, 80 people will directly be involved in the project activities, through wich they will learn to use new tools and strengthen their professional skills.

Outside of the participants in the programme, a growing network of players in the civil and the public sector in Jordan and Egypt will be tied to the process. The toal number of people who the programme directly will engage is estimated to approximately 600.

Pedagogues Amman, Jordan

Ostaz Samm II – Hip Hop/Rap


David Raflund, musik


Sahar Al-Khalifah, Sång










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The first six months of Hayâtuna Amman:




Article in Jordan Times January 20, 2013

“I feel free when I dance,” said Iman Mahmoud, a 10-year-old resident of Al Nahda House for Female Social Care, adding that even when she is not dancing, she keeps repeating the dance moves in her mind.


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