InteOkej is a national platform, created and run by young people and aims to work against and to prevent Internet bullying. The platform fills the void that has appeared in the wake of the increased amount of violations among young people on the Internet. InteOkej paves the way for a new set of web ethics, created by the young for the young, where safety, respect and humanity is in focus.

InteOkej is based on the pilot study Unga Nätambassadörer (Young Net Ambassadors), carried out by Spiritus Mundi between June and November 2010, with support from the Swedish Inheritance Fund, where the results are the foundation of the project.

InteOkej is done in cooperation with the Municipality of Klippan, Malmö City and the Municipality of Örnsköldsvik as well as with Malmö University.

InteOkej is a digital platform that provides a solution for how young people can inspire and encourage each other to create a safer and friendlier net environment. The digital platform is followed by physical meeting grounds, where learning processes and activities that involve the platform participants take place. The goal is to create a model for IT and learning that can be duplicated in other municipalities in Sweden as well as internationally.