Music on Troubled Grounds


Music on Troubled Grounds was phase II within the frame of a three year long intercultural programme for ten young musicians (20-25 years old) from Palestine, Israel and Sweden. The purpose to create a long-term platform through culture dialogue in Sweden for culture meetings across geographical and cultural borders. The programme was a continuation of Our Songs for Tomorrow, which Spiritus Mundi carried out in 2009.

Music on Troubled Grounds received an invitation from the International Music Council to be carried out and be presented during the World Forum on Music under the theme ”Music and Social Change”.

In September 2011 the ten participants (four Palestinian, four Israeli and two Swedish) met up during the conference World Forum on Music in Tallinn, Estonia, for a five day intercultural programme.

The programme started with a day of exercises in teambuilding to then move on to creating and recording music in the portable studio of Spiritus Mundi. Since the project used music and culture as tools the following days, except for seminars and information activities, was devoted to rehearsals, through the method that Spiritus Mundi has developed, until the concluding joint concert on the last day of the conference, September 29.

Read more about the days in Tallinn on the World Forum on Music website.





  • Hed College of Contemporary Music (Tel Aviv, Israel)
  • Lunds universitet – Musikhögskolan i Malmö (Malmö, Sweden)
  • Talitha Kumi (Beit Jala, Västbanken, Palestina), an education center
  • International Music Council / (Youth Advisory Group)
  • European Music Council
  • The Estonian Ministry of Culture
  • The Estonian Academy of Music
  • The Estonian Music Council