Wag the City

Wag the City is a project concept that Spiritus Mundi developed during 2008-2011. Youth from different parts of a city, from different schools, meet across social, cultural and geographical borders through creativity, social issues and culture dialogue. The projects are carried out during school hours in close cooperation with participating schools and contain music making, workshops and lectures.

The participating youth work towards a common, main goal – a music/drama production that is performed at a well-established venue – while at the same time deepening their knowledge of social issues through lectures and workshops on different themes, with help from different youth organisations in the city in question.

In the music and text writing the youth are assisted and inspired by local artists, among other artists from Cardigans, Fattaru, Prominent and Fjärde Världen has worked as music pedagogues in Wag the City projects.

The projects have shown that the participants have felt joy and safety, developed their skills in the fields of creativity and student influence, as well as strengthening their self-esteem. Wag the City and its model was awarded at the 2009 International Music Council’s Inaugural Musical Rights Awards for a ” “imaginative program in two Swedish cities that brings together diverse young people aged 13-19, to create music and gain insight into other cultures”.

Within Wag the City Spiritus Mundi has so far carried out four projects:

Botkyrka är ni med oss? (2008)

Unga Kulturambassadörer (2008-2010)

Wag the City Botkyrka (2009-2011)

Wag the City Helsingborg (2011-2012)



A film about the musical S:t Barbros korridor by Unga Kulturambassadörer



A film about the musical Nina Glitter Show by Wag the City Botkyrka