Wag the City Botkyrka


Wag the City Botkyrka was a music and meeting ground project produced by Spiritus Mundi in cooperation with the Municipality of Botkyrka, Subtopia and the Botkyrka Culture School, with support from the Swedish Inheritance Fund. During 2009-2010 70 youths, ages 13-19, wrote and performed a music drama production.

The goal was to create an artistically strong show, where all expressions (costume, scenography, script etc.) were rooted in the youths. The end product, the musical, should engage, entertain and move an audience, and the work should give the youths a way of seeing music and other cultural forms as tools to express themselves with. Wag the City Botkyrka aimed to give the youths an open mind and to increase their self-esteem. The youths themselves were ambassadors of their own show.


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