Young Net Ambassadors (Unga Nätambassadörer)

The purpose of the Unga Nätambassadörer was to create a national online platform where young people who are experiencing or have experienced online bullying could receive support from other young people. A pilot study was conducted using three co municipalities and their respective youth activities, schools, recreation centers, etc. in the autumn of 2010. Malmo, Klippan and Örnsköldsvik was the selected municipalities. The project has cooperated with K3 at Malmö University, Interaction design program.

The pilot study aimed to identify the need for a bet on a web platform. This was done through interviews with young people, from the test municipalities whose stories, experiences and needs formed the basis for the work to develop the idea progressed.

The project had a “by young people for young people” perspective and the pilot study was therefore carried out by young people who have been involved on an active basis of previous projects of Spiritus Mundi. From the project InteOkej grew, a site that paves the way for a whole new type of web ethics, created by young people for young people, where security, respect and humanity is the focus.


Unga Nätambassadörer – Feasibility Study 2010


  • Malmö
  • Klippan Municipality
  • Örnsköldsvik
  • Malmö University


  • The Heritage Fund