Hayâtunâ al-Jadîdah

Hayatuna al Jadida logo final

Hayâtunâ al-Jadîdah was a collaborative project with run together with partner organisations in Amman, Jordan. Spiritus Mundi have been active in Jordan for many years and this project is a development of our previous initiative Hayâtuna.

The specific objectives included introducing comprehensive communication skills training, and cultural bias workshops to participants with the purpose of strengthening their self-esteem and sense of self-worth, as well as exploring how cultural bias can affect them in their immediate surroundings and with society at large.

The project also aimed to increase participants’ abilities to define and project their personal message as an active citizen. The swedish part of the workshop team included facilitators Thomas Antoni and Felix Unogwu.

Workshops was carried out with the inclusion of partner Dar El Wefaq center for female victims of domestic violence domicile in a protected shelter. Results from the project included improved understanding and knowledge of women’s rights, human rights and democratic values and principles. Hayâtunâ al-Jadîdah was managed by Muna Issa together with Spiritus Mundi HQ in Malmö.

The project was financed by The Swedish Institute – Creative Force (MENA.)