Our Lives – Capacities

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In light of the current refugee and migrant situation in Europe, the partners in this project wish to gain and share competence that will help us improve our capacities in youth work addressing specifically the need for increased organizational and individual competencies for building and managing programmes that will prevent recruitment of vulnerable refugees into radicalization and extremism.

The project includes a total of four partner organisations from Sweden, Norway and the United Kingdom. Each partner organisation will be represented by 3-4 people respectively. All participating organisations produce programs that cater to youth at risk or youth representing a multicultural context. The individual professional profiles among the representatives from each organisation include unique competencies in defection from radical and extremist affiliations, de-radicalisation experts as well as many years’ experience working with youth in refugee camps.

There will be a total of three activities taking place in each of the countries represented in the project. Each of the activities include presentation and workshops related to partner specific methodologies in the field of working with at risk youth, youth from refugee camps or youth that have extremist, radical or criminal affiliations. The joint sharing and learning among the professional participants from each organisation will result in evaluation, development of new modules for programs based on the mutually beneficial new competencies gained. There will be assessment of experiences learned in the United Kingdom for implementation in the Scandinavian context.Additionally the new competencies obtained will be tested on a specific group of youth from the network of the Swedish organisations participating in this project. This practical implementation of the capacities learned will be given to this group of youth by both professionals from each of the partners, as well as by youth leaders from Sweden and Norway.

The long term benefits will be increased capacities among all participating organisations, its professionals and youth leaders. Through dissemination of the project outcomes, relevant authorities and institutions will be invited to learn the results.