Våra Liv hörs vi, känns vi syns vi?

Våra Liv hörs vi, känns vi syns vi? is a project that aims to counter radicalization and extremism, a part of the target group consists of individuals who show tendencies to choose this path.

Våra Liv hörs vi, känns vi syns vi? takes a humanitarian approach in this matter based on the experience and knowledge of the organization’s experience in the field in the MENA region, among others. The project develops this knowledge together with young people from the target group where special consideration given to factors behind extremist radicalization, no matter what shape it has.

This will be achieved through the development of our method (Hayâtuna) and a system with a functioning chain of command in which civil society can respond quickly to specific needs that can be expressed by parents and relatives who are not in the first instance contact the authorities.

The project is an important complement to our lives (with the City of Malmö as the project owner) where the Spiritus Mundi in this track as the project owner can work side by side in a separate track from the civil society. Knowledge and experience are transferred to both Våra Liv with Malmö as the project as well as to international work Spiritus Mundi do. The project is supported by MUCF and Svenska kyrkan.

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