Våra Liv (Our Lives)

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Våra Liv is a collaborative project with the aim to prevent radicalization and violent extremism among young people in Malmö. The project brings together skills, knowledge, partners and authorities each with their respective unique networks and field of responsibilities.

Våra Liv provides a holistic approach to dealing with one of the fundamental problems facing young
people in our society today. Children and youth are systematically targeted, recruited by militant groups all over the world.

While variables for youth recruitment into militancy are many, the most common are fragile identity,
bullying, discrimination, segregation, political or religious indoctrination. Våra Liv will address the most pressing needs of participating youth through a comprehensive individually tailored program.

Våra Liv is primarily a community development program including preventative measures but also carries expertise and experience in the rehabilitation of children and young people who have been affected or involved in extreme violent scenarios.


Video about Våra Liv

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Video about Våra Liv, created by Spencer Broderick Productions.


Project team – Initiators of Våra Liv


   Salahuddin Barakat         Henrik Melius                Rafi Farouq                   Felix Unogwu



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