Rest in peace our beloved Falah Sabbar

My beloved brother Falah, our dearest friend and colleague, has left us with a testament of heart, joy, kindness, friendship music and poetry. We thank Falah from the deepest place for being the inspiration and the never ending pulsating heart for what Spiritus Mundi/Dunya Al Mahaba is.

I am blessed to have found a brother from Iraq, we have shared the deepest places in both of us and he has never wavered a second from being the most gentle, kind, caring and loving brother I can Imagine.

Falah was and continues to represent the heart of Spiritus Mundi, his faith, his music, his words carries the original seed and everlasting echo of the work we love.

Falah, habibi Falluhe, I will do my best to honor your memory and inshallah we will play together again, in a different place, but with the same heart joy and endless connection in spirit.

It is very difficult to know that I will not see you every day, because you have and continue to be one of the reasons I love the work we do. You were and continue to be the inspiration for us Falah.

I, and all of us through the years of Spiritus Mundi/Dunya Al Mahaba, love you and we are blessed to have shared the journey with you.

Bahibak habibi dayman – Allah yirhamak.

Henrik Melius – Falah’s Swedish brother

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